Putery Memory Remembered To Take Crystal Skin 

Putery Memory, who is also known as Mar tried Crystal Skin.

During the MCO, she felt stressed and acne started to break out. Luckily, Mar tried Crystal Skin because it is good for acne.


She wrote  “Who here has skin problem on the face? Since MCO started, I felt stressed with work. So when I’m stressed, it is understood that a lot of acne broke out. Eeeeee… I’m so annoyed. When I think back,  no wonder I  get a lot of acne. It is because I didn’t take care of my skin. Hmm.. So I decided to consume Crystal Skin”.


Read this article on Mar’s website on  https://www.puterymemory.com/2021/09/kulit-lebih-sihat-dengan-crystal-skin.html