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Our founder, Airiey Sayuti has always believed that looking good is a vital part of feeling good. When one looks his or her best, the individual will be more confident and is ready to tackle life head on with zest and enthusiasm.

Airiey was obese and had dark, unattractive skin tone with acne when he was a teenager. He was from a low income family in Kelantan. During those early years, he suffered from low self-esteem and was a shy and quiet boy. He had a few friends, but was often teased for his chubby appearance and unattractive, acne-prone skin.

Airiey as a teenager.

Airiey as a teenager.

After he started working as a retail assistant in Kuala Lumpur, and later on as a customer service executive in a telecommunications company in Cheras, he saved his income and was able to afford to buy skincare products and oral health and skincare supplements. At the same time, he also started dieting to lose his excess weight.

Airiey tried numerous brands of local skincare products. He would purchase the latest trending skincare brand. He used the entire range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sunblocks and serums including day cream, night cream, eye cream and more.

Besides that, he also consumed oral supplements on a daily basis. These were local health and skin whitening supplements in capsule or powder form. He would use each brand for several months, hoping to see excellent results.

At the same time, Airiey would lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of plain water, sleep well, avoid excessive sunlight and try to reduce stress levels. 

Despite taking all these health supplements and local skincare products, he was disappointed to find their results slow. Yes, they do work, but improvements were taking a long time and these products were really costly in the long run.

Airiey lost weight but still have bad skin after trying many products and supplements.

Airiey lost weight but still have bad skin after trying many products and supplements.

Not wanting to give up, Airiey visited a facial salon in Cheras and 2 well-known facial salon and spa in KLCC. The treatments were relaxing but gave him scabbing and scarring especially when they use a piece of metal to extract blackheads.

Next, Airiey visited an aesthetic clinic in Kuala Lumpur. The doctor recommended chemical peel using medical-grade acid and asked him to sign up 6 sessions. The first session was performed by the Dr and went well. The second and third session was performed by their therapist. It was during the third session that Airiey suffered from severe burns due to the therapist applying too much acid peel for too long. Unfortunately, Airiey developed severe scabbing, redness, irritation and peeling. Despite these big problems, the clinic and Dr denied that anything went wrong.

Skin severely damaged after treatment from aesthetic clinic.

Skin severely damaged after treatment from aesthetic clinic.

Because of slow results from skincare products and supplements, and side effects from seeking treatment at facial salons and aesthetic clinics, Airiey was inspired to come up with a product which would really be proven to work effectively and safely. Hence Crystal Skin was developed.

Crystal Skin with its main ingredients of Tomato Kristal (crystal white tomato), Habatus Sauda, Collagen, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C and Blackcurrant Juice was clinically tested and found to be extremely effective. Early customers gave excellent reviews of the product. Not only is Crystal Skin effective, it is also safe and natural as it is only made with natural, nutritious ingredients and produced in a factory with GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 certification.

Airiey today after using Crystal Cell regularly.

Airiey today after using Crystal Skin regularly.

We are so confident of our product Crystal Skin that we are the only company in Malaysia willing to give an Effectiveness Guarantee. We guarantee that you will see at least some improvements after consuming your first box. If you do not see any results, we will post to you another box of Crystal Skin absolutely FREE so that you may try again. This is so you can try Crystal Skin without any risks.

Our company’s vision is to provide Malaysians with a highly effective yet affordable health and skin supplement. Thanks to your support, this vision is becoming true.

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