Below are testimonials from real Crystal Skin Users.

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Cik H 17 March 2021

Miss H, 23 years old, from Kelantan. Currently using third box of Crystal Skin. Dark skin tone, acne and scars on face.

Encik E 17 March 2021

Mr E, 41 years old, from Penang. Used 4 boxes of Crystal Skin. Psoriasis skin disease on face, chest, hands and legs for 1.5 years.

Miss A 17 March 2021

Miss A, 22 years old, from Kuala Lumpur. Just finished using her first box of Crystal Skin. Acne and oily skin on face.

Mr A 17 March 2021

Mr A, 25 years old, from Selangor. Using second box of Crystal Skin. Face was dry, dull and had acne.

Miss S 17 March 2021

Miss S, 22 years old, from Kelantan. Just finished using her second box of Crystal Skin. Acne, sinusitis and sensitive skin.

Mr A 17 March 2021

Mr A, 30 years old, from Pahang. Using second box of Crystal Skin. Dark skin tone, acne with oily skin.

Mr I 17 March 2021

Mr I, 26 years old, from Kedah. Using fifth box of Crystal Skin. Dark skin tone, acne with scars.

Cik Shiha 14 July 2021

Ms. Shiha, 29, from Perlis. She had good results using 2 boxes of Crystal Skin. Her skin is getting brighter and she received compliments from her husband and mother. She will buy Crystal Skin again to get even better results than this.

Madam Lim 15 July 2021

Madam Tan, lives in Klang, age 40 plus. Has quite obvious pigmentation on her cheeks. She took 2 boxes of Crystal Skin in 3 weeks and was very happy with the result.

Mr. Murad 17 September 2021

Mr. Murad started buying 2 boxes of Crystal Skin to try. After trying the first 2 boxes, Mr. Murad began to feel his skin was more glowing and the freckles were disappearing.

Ms. Mardhiah 17 September 2021

Ms. Mardhiah also just tried 9 days Crystal Skin. She felt the pimples on her face getting worse and felt very happy even though she had just consumed Crystal Skin.

Ms. Iza 22 September 2021

Mr. Iza tried 1 box of Crystal Skin. Her husband said have changes on her skin. skin more bright

Ms. Julia 22 September 2021

Ms. Julia is consuming 1 box and half Crystal Skin, her skin is getting better.

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